• Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

Core Games Timber Tycoon Personal WorkShop

Core Games Timber Tycoon Personal Work Shop, Chop down trees for lumber, sell lumber for gold, use gold to upgrade! CC Content: – Sawmill from CoreRoyale – Leaderboard by TeamMETA – Auto Attack by Knar – Campfire by Drogan – Variety of hats from by NoobDadGamer – Cowboy Hat by Flex – EaseUI by NicholasForeman – Silly Hats Pack by gortz – Table Saw by varglbargl

Play Timber Tycoon Timber Tycoon by Datonare – Core Games

In this new update we see the removal of Candyland, the introduction of a new desert biome, “Sun Kissed Sands”, personal workshops and much more!

Update Summary: New biome, personal workshops, new axes, new hats, forest biome improvements, new choppables, new quests

[New Biome]

  • Sun Kissed Sands
  • Recommended Lumber Power is 3000
  • 5 new choppables (Acacia Tree, Joshua Tree, Cactus, Gold Acacia Tree, Crystal Acacia Tree)
  • 3 new treasure variants with increased rewards
  • 4 new quests which become available at 3000 lumber power

[Personal Workshops]

  • A personal workshop is given to each player although the initial version isn’t much more than a map marker. However, once you upgrade it, it will get a new look, you will start accumulating gold, crystals, and rubies while offline and get access to new upgradable furnishings which grant you buffs!
  • Max workshop rank is 2 (start at 0)
  • At rank 1 you will unlock the “Grindstone” furnishing. This can be used to grant you a temporary lumber power buff and can be upgraded to make it last longer and give more lumber power. You will also start accumulating gold, crystals, and rubies at rank 1.
  • At rank 2 you will unlock the “Table Saw” furnishing. This can be used to grant you a temporary bonus which makes trees give more gold. It can be upgraded to make the bonus last longer and be more potent. The amount of gold, crystals, and rubies you accumulate over time will increase.
  • Immortal Forest has seen a reduction in size, however the overall difficulty remains the same
  • 3 new axes have been added
  • 5 new hats have been added
  • A link to Idle Champions has been added to the Loyalty menu
  • Puncture Bit relic now has a base armor piercing bonus of 500, with an additional 20 per level, up from 200 and 10 respectively
  • Daily Chest Reward now grants Rubies instead of Gold
  • Changed the item description for axes to better showcase their effect on lumber power (they are multipliers of lumber power, not just flat % increases as it was suggested before)
  • Candyland has been removed. The Candyland axes, backpacks, and hats are still in the camp intermixed with the others. Any leftover Candy can be used to purchase those items and additional Candy can be found in the Perk Shop if needed.

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