• Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

Core Games Guardhouse 5 Free for all deathmatch

Core Games Guardhouse 5 Free for all deathmatch, Free-for-all deathmatch. First to 10 kills wins the round. Weekly leader board. Start with a pistol and find better weapons around the map.

Play Guardhouse 5 Guardhouse 5 by Utterly – Core Games

Thanks to the following for their community content:
WaveParadigm – Weapon Spwaner
DanEld – Unequip after respawn script
Hani – 1st to 3rd person view toggle
Team Meta – Victoria screen and Leader boards
Buckmonster – Army jeep model
tjarvis – Cargo van model

*once initial testing done I plan to add this into a rotation with my other deathmatch map “Bullets n BBQ”.
Create 2 – 3 more maps for the deathmatch map rotation
Create a lobby so players can choose to play a specific map or the rotation. *

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