• Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Core Games Bullets n BBQ Deathmatch map set in a BBQ shed

Core Games Bullets n BBQ Deathmatch map set in a BBQ shed, A small, fun and fast Deathmatch map set in a BBQ shed where you have been shrunk to the size of a rat. Jump pads throughout the map allow fast access to all the different levels and add a craziness to moving and shooting. Spawn on the ground with a pistol and rush upwards to access the better weapons.

Play Bullets n BBQ Bullets n BBQ by Utterly – Core Games

Choose your weapon carefully as the shotgun and pistol are only effective for short range work. Swap between 1st and 3rd person view.

Originally released as RATS in the SHED.
Keen for any feedback. DM me in Discord (Utterly (Chris)#7762)

Thanks to the following for their Community Content.
Flex – Cowboy hat
Togagames – Jump pad script
Jackboyman – Health packs
Ittybitty – Rubber Ducky
WaveParadigm – Weapon spawner
DanEld – Unequip after respawn script
PiousLachance – Spider model
Hani – 1st to 3rd person view toggle
Team META – Vctory screen and Leaderboards
Elliotfiske – CountdownAnimated

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