Roblox Mother: TPN Kid Role: Act like an NPC


Roblox Mother: TPN Kid Role: Act like an NPC, Mother is a round-based game based off the anime/manga Yakusoku no Neverland (The Promised Neverland)
The objective is to escape from the plant and evade becoming demon food, or making sure that the children grow safe and happy, so that they can become quality food for demons, if it turns out that you have become Mother.

Play Mother (8) Mother: TPN – Roblox


  • Mother kill cooldown
  • House reworked
  • bandages now heal
  • New faces
  • Perks
  • Some changes in the skill tree
  • Daily Tasks (On the house board)
  • Reduction of points loss

[How To Play]
-Kid Role: Act like an npc, get quests by talking repeatedly with the same npc, unlock recipes by reading books, and escape.

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