• Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

Core Games Snowpocalypse – Tower Defence

Core Games Snowpocalypse – Tower DefenceNext features to be launched 24 January 2021 – So prepare your resources in time!
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  • Leveling
  • Weopons
  • Tower Upgrades
  • Tower Abilities
  • More farms
  • AFK fishing, treasure hunting and more
  • Pets
  • Merging of the econemy
  • Tools, crops, player upgrades, armor and more

Play Snowpocalypse Snowpocalypse – Tower Defence by WizzMou – Core Games

All I want to do is farm and live in peace but zombies keep invading our home, please help!

Goal is to kill of as many zombie waves as you can, to do this you will need resources by upgrading Idle tycoons, kill zombies, farming, fishing, treasure hunting, finding the Manta coins.

To open the tutorial, use the shortcutkey [T].

Leaderboards will be kept of resources, player level, total zombies killed, highest waves reached and ranks.

A huge Shoutout to Pentacorn and his team for all their help, support and the amazing thumbnail!

Thank you to the following content creators their work has insipired the idea and that we are able to use their templates.

thepaperpilot – Idle Progress Bars.
Aphrim – Used his CoreBlocks as a guide to a builder system.
Ali107 – Used his The Builders template as a guide to a builder system.
MantiCoreGames – Their farmer’s market is used as the foundation of the game.

More credits to follow soon to all the Core Content creators whos content has helped us or have been used to create Snowpocalypse.


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