Sorcerer Fighting Simulator by GameBuzz Roblox January update


Welcome to Sorcerer Fighting Simulator, where you train in the most prestigious academy of Magic to become the strongest sorcerer. Become the greatest in various Magic types to defeat your enemies and the evil that lurks within the darkness.

Play Sorcerer Fighting Simulator (8) Sorcerer Fighting Simulator – Roblox


  • Earth Magic
  • 9 Earth quests
  • Contracts
  • 2 New quests for all current Magics
  • 3 New Marm Quests (including a new General Power)
  • 1 New Training Zone for all Magics (Earth is with Acid)
  • 2 New Ranks
  • New World Events (that can drop x2 Mana Per Min, Staff Swings and Push-ups, which stack)
  • New Auras
  • XBOX Support
  • New Secret Staff Skins
  • 2 New secret hatch openings
  • Bug fixes

Premium players get: 5% extra training boost + a unique Premium staff skin.

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