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Core Games Only one team will rule BANANA TOWN

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Core Games Only one team will rule BANANA TOWN! Enjoy a fun and fast paced TPP with cool and polished Weapon Mechanics in the fight to Capture Banana Square. Set in a unique adaptation of the epic Core Royale’s Town. [LMOUSE: Shoot | RMO

Main Core and Core Royale Assets by Manticore

  • “Simple Jetpack” by estlogic
  • “Gatling Gun – Collection” by shallow
  • “mannequin_guy” by Sobchak
  • “Dragons End Rat V2” by Kreation25
  • “META Leaderboards” by TeamMETA
  • “PlayerTitles” by TeamMETA
  • “Kill Feedback UI” by standardcombo
  • “Weapon Spawner” by WaveParadigm
  • “Medi Kit Health Pack” by Johnhenderson1963
  • “Script: Unequip After Death” by DanEld
  • “Sniper Alley Fountain” by Bigglebuns
  • “Coffee Shop Dumpster” and “Parking Lot” by disastronaut
  • “Low-Poly Banana” by Jragon
  • “Hamburguer” by tjarvis
  • “Boombox” by Chipnertkj
  • “Death Sound” by dermon

USE: AIM | R: Reload | SHIFT: JetPack (when equipped)]

Play BANANA TOWN BANANA TOWN by Chavenham – Core Games

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