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Honey Magnate, core games I am going, to be honest, I went into this one not expecting much however after playing for a bit I am finding this one is loaded with Promise. OK so here it is the New Game we posted about a few days ago I said we would bring you this one is fun it’s on core games and if there ever was a challenge for Bee swarm simulator on Roblox this the start right here.

I really like the Look and feel of the Mesh Avitar and smooth gameplay Core Provides, for any who don’t know or has not tried core. it is a Roblox cousin I guess you might say for bigger kids teen and adults it is used generated games just like Roblox in fact this is at least in part funded by Roblox and some of the roblox crew is in upper management’

Play Honey Magnate… Honey Magnate by Kirch – Core Games

if you haven’t got the core game ap download it gives it a try the download takes a bit longer then Roblox there is a little more weight to the programming and the Dev loper ap but you will find it worth your time and Hey FLamigo plays COre Why not you

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