• Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021

Tavern Keeper a taste of the business in a fantasy world

Note: Tavern Keeper is a prototype featuring just a taste of the business behind questing in a fantasy world! In the prototype, you have just twenty minutes to gather as much gold as possible! Developed in approximately 15 hours over two weeks as part of Akupara Games’ internal game jam for 2020. 

DOwn Load Tavern Keeper by akuparajams (itch.io)

Adventuring is a young woman’s game but you haven’t put that life behind you. With the winnings of your years fighting goblins, dragons, kobolds and more, you’ve started a tavern just like the one where you got started, a place for mysterious sorcerers, grumpy dwarves and haughty elves to pick up quests of their own. And you’re happy to front all of them a little gold if it means you make more on the back end!

The business of adventuring is all about getting the right person for the right job. Chat up the colorful characters drinking at your tables. Learn their strengths and weaknesses. Find a powerful mage to disable a dangerous rune, a sturdy paladin to invade a den of cultists or a ranger to hunt a deadly dire bear. Assign your quests well and you’ll reap the rewards! Assign them poorly and you might find that adventuring is a dangerous business.

Features List

  • Meet the Regulars – Spend time talking to the complex characters that visit your tavern like Kishra the pessimistic paladin and Gahnder the fortune-telling sorcerer. 
  • Assign the Best Quests – Learn what characters are best suited to the dangers of what quests and you’ll reap the rewards! 
  • Compete for a High Score – You have just twenty minutes to rack up as much gold as possible. Can you beat the high score? 

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