Roblox Ghost Simulator BOSS RUSH Weekend New Code

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Roblox Ghost Simulator BOSS RUSH Weekend, Ghosts have taken over the world, and it’s up to you to stop them!. UPDATE 73 We reached 100M visits! Boss Rush Weekend! Ends Monday at 5 PM EST New P-!!! DATA CLASSIFIED !!! New Limited in the Store! -Bug Fixes

Play Ghost Simulator BOSS RUSH] Ghost Simulator – Roblox

👻 Capture ghosts
🎒 Upgrade your equipment
🐾 Unlock Pets to help you along your journey
👽 Defeat Bosses who threaten the safety of the world
💨 Unlock Hoverboards
🌎 Explore the biomes
💎 Complete quests to unveil the story and earn rewards

Join the BloxByte Games group for 10% bonus luck when opening crates in-game!

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