Core Games Café de Normandie – Deathmatch


Core Games Café de Normandie – Deathmatch, UPDATE NEW WEAPONS. NOW SNIPER GUN IS PERFECT Return to the Town of Carentan in Normandie Café de Normandie – Alpha version – Deathmatch map for up to 12 players Kill Total Score, Death Total Score, Level Total Score.

Play Café de Normandie Café de Normandie – Deathmatch by codycheck – Core Games

If you have any ideas for the game then comment some. Thanks

correct ammo gun change gun CD Sniper vs Karabiner 98 (problem with script) ———— V1.0.9 – Jan 15, 2021 change snipper gun. now is Karabiner 98K ————– V1.0.8 – Jan 15, 2021 correct respawn rocket weapons ————– V1.0.7 – Jan 13, 2021 correct deathmatch now only deathmatch correct time round change camera stage victory correct fog environment

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