Tuesday, August 03, 2021


Vomitoreum A dark and arid hellscape

A dark and arid hellscape inspired by the likes of Metroid Prime and Dark Souls, Vomitoreum is an FPS Metroidvania set in an interconnected and nightmarish world. Explore a land that has been plagued with an eldritch infection, a horrible fog that blankets the world and turns it’s denizens into wretched mutants. Delve deep into […]


Titan Attack CORE GAMES

project for Invitational (game jam) For years Titans have been ruling the world.Now it’s time to fight back! Join one of the 3 factions and meet other players on the battlefield!Upgrade your gear and transform yourself in Titan to acquire incredible skills. Play Now Titan Attack by Eskil – Core Games Credit to :boxlanepro (create […]

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